Tony Ludovico

Photographer Tony Ludovico

Tony Ludovico is one of the world’s most acclaimed photographer of marine life. His colorful, energetic and heart warming images are unique in their ability to create an ambiance that captures and celebrates the essence of marine wildlife and its natural habitat.

Captivated by the world of water since his teenage years, he began diving as early as 1979, quickly discovering his talent for capturing underwater life on film with the use of his first underwater camera. He had a desire to capture and reveal the natural beauty of the underwater world, which very few people had the opportunity to experience. This aspiration compelled him to fully develop and perfect his videography skills.

Since his early beginning, He has dedicated himself to capturing the world beneath the waves from some of the most exotic places to be found on the globe. Tony Ludovico's illustrious photographs have earned him the highest accolades and unparalleled critical esteem.

Because of his unique style, remarkable instinct and passion for exploration, Tony Ludovico's photos has been recognized by fans and collectors alike to be highly valuable and very desirable. His best work has been selected by to be reproduced in limited edition and made available to our members.