Martin Stranka Photographer

Martin Stranka

Martin Stranka is a creative visionary photographer, possessing an incredible talent for capturing breath-taking photographic moments. His compositions exist in a special place, somewhere between dreaming and consciousness and his photos have the ability to convey those few fleeting seconds that exist as one awakens from a dream to find the next day’s meaning. He speaks the language of stillness and captures light, such as those first morning rays filtering through a curtain, illuminating dust specs as they glitter with some sort of hidden purpose. The solitary sounds of one’s own footsteps echoing down the streets of a deserted city can be heard inside the mind when facing his universe; the photos so personal, they conjure up faded memories long forgotten, and faces long unseen.

Born on April 13,1984 in Czech Republic, Martin Stranka is a self-taught photographer who has grown to worldwide acclaim in the last few years. His images have gathered over 30 prestigious international awards, including Professional Photographer of the Year, Emerging Talent Award in Nikon International Photo Contest, International Photo Awards, Sony World Photography Awards, EISA Photo Maestro, and Digital Photographer of the Year. His photography work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Milan, London, Miami, Sao Paulo, Prague, Brussels, North Carolina, Hong Kong, Mexico, Vienna and many more places around the world, and photo galleries such as Getty Images, Saatchi and Robert Fontaine.